An Encouraging Word – Diane Ronzino

Week five is here, and today our featured faith blogger is Diane Ronzino.  Diane maintains two blogs.  The first, An Encouraging Word presents posts which help to challenge and lead us in our faith.  Diane ends each post with the tagline, “Because of Him and Unto Him”.  A great motto for all Christian faith bloggers.  Her second blog, Deep Calls Unto Deep, presents words of meditation and devotion as individual “Life Lessons”.  Also a great source of encouragement and wisdom.

Diane’s Bio:

Inspirational, creative non-fiction writer. encourager. teacher. minister of God’s Word. vessel of honor unto my God. prayer warrior for the nations and persecuted. worshiper. servant to the servants of the Lord. nurturer of missionaries. small group facilitator. champion for the underdog. cheerleader for those who try. certified in practical nutrition. wife and mother of three adult children and two dogs. Holy Bible, nature, bird, animal, music, and quote lover.

Current Post by Diane @ An Encouraging Word:

The LORD chose to rendezvous with three Hebrew boys – inside a hellish-hot, lit furnace!

We think of a great big God sitting on His Throne watching the world crises. Sometimes we forget that He is an intimate, caring God Who is alongside us no matter what our life circumstances are, just as He was with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego.

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Current Post by Diane @ Deep Calls Unto Deep:

Do you journal?  Do you love to write out what you experience as you sit in the Presence of the LORD or what you learn from His Word as you read it?

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Thanks again for allowing us to feature you Diane.  And thanks to all the mobbers who will take some time to visit you today.  God bless you in your work.

Once A Little Girl – Adela Crandell

Adela Crandell is our fourth mobbee (wow up to number four already!), and she writes two blogs, Once a Little Girl, and The Black Tortoise.  As I spent some time reading each of her blogs the one word that kept coming to mind was “wisdom”.  Make sure you create some space in your day today to head over and read some of her thoughts.

Adela’s Bio:

Adela comes from a family of storytellers. Being a little more introverted, Adela puts pen to paper.  Here are some places you will find her writing: Blogging at The Black Tortoise:  “Wisdom Born with Age” and  Once A Little Girl “Be Like a Child”

Syndicated feature articles on (2011 Voice of the Year Honoree), “Grown,” thoughts on losing a father.

Published memoir, “Ride Like the Wind,” article PKA Advocate, Published feature articles in The TribLocal (a section of The Chicago Tribune), Published short story, “The Fable of LItttle Surrti” in Mosaic (an anthology), Published poetry “Desert Wisdom”  in A Book of Reflections

Work in progress:  A Land of Milk and Honey,

In addition to creative writing, Adela has been in a leadership role in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance for pharmaceutical companies for the past 30 years. She lives among the trees and wildlife of Illinois with her husband George, and within driving distance are her four children, her twelve grandchildren, and the exciting city of Chicago.  Add her vegetable and water garden in the backyard and Adela has it all.

Current Post by Adela:

Grown and Ready

I had three important milestones of faith when I was growing up:  Baptism, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation.  For Baptism, I was just a baby, so I had no conscious decision.  First Holy Communion came at the same time as Penance; that was a big deal for a first grader with six years of sinning behind her.  Next came Confirmation.  After Confirmation, I was a warrior for Christ….

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Thanks for being a mobbee Adela, and thanks to all of you who plan to visit her today for being great mobbers!

Only Here, Only Now – Steph

It’s friday and our third mobbee of April is Steph over at Only Here, Only Now.  Her feature post for today is titled, I Am Hungry, but you might also want to take a read of her Five Minute Friday post Community.

Steph’s Bio:

I love writing about the touch of God in the various aspects of my life: from our four kids, our marriage, homeschooling, to the world through my eyes as a labor & delivery nurse.  In other words, there’s a bit of diversity here! This blog space has become a way to recognize those things in this life that crack and break and oftentimes bleed–but also reveal great beauty.  And in the doing, remind me of the One who remains my Hope. . . unbroken. He is good.  All the time.  And this has become a very visual reminder of that very fact.  I am grateful.

Current Post by Steph @ Only Here, Only Now
the boy stood at the counter, the light filtering in from behind him.  his eyes cast in shadow, he looked around and spotted the source of his desire.
“could i have some of that?” he asked.
his mama shook her head, saying, “no, i think you’ve had enough.”
he gave one more longing glance, expressed a sigh, and turned to clean his lunch dishes.


Thanks for reading mobbers. Be sure to visit Steph today and leave a comment if you feel so inspired. Happy mobbing!

Chronicles of Grace – Kelli Woodford

I’m excited to present our second “mobbee” for today, Kelli Woodford over at Chronicles of Grace.  Kelli’s blog is self described as only a “glimpse” of Jesus, and I think that is just about the most perfect way to describe the Christian faith blogging community.

Again, mobbers, please enthusiastically head over and visit Kelli today and give her the encouragement, support, and praise she deserves.

Kelli’s Bio:

Having trod too many rabbit trails to mention, here is where I am today.  I am married to my best friend, Jason.  We have been all over the map together.  But we always end up coming Home.  Right now, our abode is in rural Missouri.  Our seven children keep us believing and crying and praying.  And (I hope!) they are helping us toward humble.  I am a disciple of these closest neighbors of mine, the ones who share my breakfast table, in so many ways.  Blogging has been a recent development in my attempt to treasure every moment and lesson.  To see God in the ordinary and the frustrating.  I look for ways to experience authentic, raw, liberating community and to learn love by breaking open.  And I often type one-handed, juggling a baby on the other side.

Current Post by Kelli at Chronicles of Grace:

How Stuff of Earth Becomes Broken Bread

I sit in darkness among muddy barn boots, still damp with earth.
I fill the empty ache with words that flow from fingertips, so willing.
The biggest problem, I think, to my insomnia, is me.
I am too big.



Thanks Kelli for being #2.  Hoping you get mobbed by at least 15 people today!

Journey Towards Epiphany – Kim Sullivan

I’m happy to announce our first faithblogmob mobbee, Kim Sullivan over at  I am most appreciative that she agreed to be the first as I try to get this humble project off the ground.  Please do your jobs as mobbers and visit her today, read her work, celebrate what she is doing, and give thanks to God for inspiring her to share her faith and life walk.

Kim’s Bio:

Kim Sullivan:  The wife of the friend she could not live without, and mother of the three most wonderful children in the world, Journey Girl searches for overlooked lessons.

Current Post by Kim at Journey to Epiphany:

What To Do When You’re Facing A Giant

Today I have my first grown up interview. All of my other jobs have come to me. I am pitifully under-qualified. They would prefer someone with a degree. I have none. The only place I’ve ever worked is Dunkin’ Donuts and church, unless I count that short stint at Casual Corner and the bank. I haven’t worked in an office in twelve years, but that is what makes the whole thing so exciting. I’m in way over my head. That’s always been the best place for me, the deep. Most of the time I haven’t chosen to go there, but rather, have found myself under stormy waters against my will. However, this time, I’ve chosen to wade into the deep….

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Kim can also be found on twitter:!/kdsullivan

Again thanks Kim for joining on this fun new journey.  I hope you get mobbed by at least 10 people today because of this.

Introducing FaithBlogMob


Ever heard of a flash mob, or a cash mob?  Well this is sort of the same thing, but for Christian faith bloggers.  Every Friday I will post a link here and on twitter to a faith blogger’s blog, and then everyone who follows this page or follows on twitter will mob that person’s blog.

Now I know, the word “mob” sounds a little disconcerting, but think about it.  One day of the week a hard working Christian blogger will be visited by thousands of people (well at this point 2 people, but I’m sure it will grow).  That person will gain a gigantic audience for the day, and feel affirmed in the work they are doing for the Lord.

It will be awesome.

How Can You Help?

1)  Well first off all we need to build the mob.  So follow this blog or follow us on twitter (!/faithblogmob ) and then wait.  Good mobs are always patient.  :)

2)  On Friday each week we’ll send out the link via a post here, and on twitter to the blog to mob.  When you visit them leave a comment or a word of encouragement.  Pray for them and share their work.

3)  If your feeling extra helpful please send a blog suggestion to our suggestion box ( )  so we’ll have a bank of Christian blogs to sort through as we make our next choice.

4)  If you are feeling over the top helpful, we need a steering committee.  This will be a small group of folks who will decide each week which blog will be mobbed the following week.  See the link above “Wanna Help?” for more info.

Other than that stay tuned!  Or rather tune back in this coming Friday for the link to the first blog we will mob!